Saturday, January 2, 2016

My Favourite Cartoon ; Supa Strikas

Guess, who's back? jyeahhh, Supa Strikas ! my favourite cartoon ever since i was form 4.

even, idk about soccer ball too much, but i love to watch this and yes, for your information i am in Chelsea Team. haha

I dont know about the soccer ball because i am a hockey player. hehe

so, now let's me introduce to you my fav player in Supa Strikas. i bet you, you really adore him. 

oppss, even though, i am 20 years young *not old* haha in 2k16 my hobby never change which is watching cartoon and my mom always nagging at me "awak tu dah besar pun, masih tengok krtun, adik awak yang lelaki pun tak tengok kartun, asyik dia jeee conquer tv. emmmm" haha, sorry mummy.

okay, first lets start with : 

  1. Shakes ;

shakes, striker, jersey 10, the youngest member in Supa Strikas.

  2.  Twisting Tiger 

twisting tiger, midfielder(right winger), jersey number 16

  3. Dancing Rasta

dancing rasta, midfielder (captain), jersey number 9

  4. Cool Joe

cool joe, midfielder(left winger), jersey number 7

  5. The Blok

The Blok, (he doesn’t speak much at all) , Defender, Jersey number 55.

  6. Big Bo

Big Bo, Goalkeeper, jersey number 1

  7. North Shaw

North Shaw, Defender, jersey number 8

  8. El Matador 

El Matador, Striker, jersey number 20

  9. The Coach

coach, In Charge... issuing orders through a megaphone !

uh huh ! which one is your favorite player? haha. what?? ! Big Bo? 

heyyy ! He is Mine !

haha, yes my fav player is big bo. till now, i loikeee men who is look alike Big Bo. and i will dub him as "Big Bo" haha

okayy, sys guys. thanks for reading ! leave a comment =)

don't forget to click here for more info about SUPA STRIKAS



  1. Woah I know this cartoon ! . My sister even save it to her harddisk . She's the same as me , she like anime but we both like cartoon too . Haha She just one year older than me , so we almost like everythings in common (have same passions) . Well then , Eventhough I'm really busy this year, why not , I should take a sneak peek about this cartoon . Thanks for sharing ! :D

    1. haha, yes this cartoon really awesome right? oic, actually syamsid, idk how to read comic *dont laugh* that's why i does not watching anime. because idk about anime except that naruto, dragon ball, conan * i hope this cartoon are in category of anime* haha

  2. ohoii..tak sangka pompuan suka tgk cartoon jugak .soccer cartoon lak tuh.

    1. hahha, yup suka saangtttt. bnyk lagi yg suka